2018 6HoF Launch
2019 HoF Announcement
IPv6 Hall of Famers
IPv6 is The Foundation of The Next Generation Internet Technologies

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
is the only way to sustain the Internet growth in the future beyond the current needs,
as the next generation of Everything Internet.

The IPv6 Hall of Fame is an initiative of the IPv6 Forum,
to celebrate the development and deployment of IPv6
and to award those who make extraordinary contributions.

Let’s take the Internet where no other network has been before!

Vint Cerf
Wu Hequan
Jun Murai
Description of selection process
Open Nominations for IPv6 Pioneers, Experts and Evangelists:
We highly encourage nominations for the IPv6 Hall of Fame. If you wish to recommend or nominate (or self-nominate as) an IPv6 expert or evangelist to be recognised for outstanding work and long standing contributions to the design of IPv6, its development, deployment, promotion, training, education, advocacy. We welcome these nominations with concrete actions, best practices and demonstrated results:
  • Engineers and experts who devoted their time and efforts in designing and developing the Internet Protocol verion 6 (IPv6) standards with concrete results in the benefit of the worldwide deployment of the IPv6-based New Internet.
  • Deployers of IPv6 in ISPs, 4G/5G Mobile operators, Enterprises, Universities, Research networks, Governments and NGO’s.
  • Developers and Deployers of IPv6-based end2end solutions and Apps, IPv6-based Security & Cybersecurity, Hosting and Data centers, Internet of Things, Openstack-based Cloud Computing, Openstack-based SDN-NFV, Fog and Edge Computing, IPv6-based Blockchain, Smart Cities, Smart Building, Smart Energy, Smart Transport (V2X...).
  • Evangelists, Trainers and Promoters with major contributions in fostering the deployment of IPv6 locally or globally with concrete actions and results.
Individuals are encouraged to nominate themselves.
For any any questions, please contact  ipv6nominations@ipv6halloffame.org
Please Send your application to 6HoF-Nominations@ipv6forum.com
About the IPv6 Hall of Fame
The IPv6 Hall of Fame is a recognition program and virtual museum that celebrates the development of IPv6 and the individuals whose extraordinary contributions have made the progress possible. The IPv6 Hall of Fame was launched by the IPv6 Forum.

 Dr. Vinton G. CERF
Vint stated during the launch of the IPv6 Hall of Fame in Nanjing in November 2018:
“ As you know the Internet Society started an Internet Hall of Fame to recognise pioneers, connectors and contributors to the Internet technology and growth, but now I think it’s time to recognise those who led the path to IP version 6 which uses a much larger address space to deal with the challenges of Internet of Things and an increasing user population”

 Prof. Wu Hequan
Mr. Wu Hequan stated during the launch of the IPv6 Hall of Fame in Nanjing in November 2018:
“ IPv6 has become the most appropriate solution because of the internationalisation of the standard and its maturity. China introduced 15 years ago the large scale CNGI project to study, research and implement IPv6. The Chinese government introduced a plan back in Noember 2017 to deploy IPv6 on a larger scale and made remarkable progress. As the biggest Internet country, China should make a contribution in the development of IPv6. We are willing to work with other countries to promote the deployment of IPv6”

 Dr. Jun Murai
Dr. Jun Murai stated during the launch of the IPv6 Hall of Fame in Nanjing in November 2018:
“ I remember when we started to discuss about IPng ( IP Next Generation) and IPv6 from the early 90’ies and I remember many people who have been devoting their time on the design, development and deployment of IPv6. In that sense, the IPv6 Hall of Fame is a great idea to promote their efforts and identify their great contributions to the Internet and also to support the future of IPv6 deployment which of course very importnat for the future of the Internet.”
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